About the CCA

The Counter Corruption Analysts Group was formed following the publication of a banking paper in the Federal Parliament in 2010. Its Charter was to carry out research into corrupt banking and government practices that have occurred during the past ten years.

Since being formed the group investigated documents presented to the Federal Parliament by a number of entities that were, mainly farmers and small businesses. There were a number of individuals that have also suffered damages due to their relationships with banks and governments. A considerable amount of research into corrupt practices by banks and governments had already been presented to the Federal Parliament in the original paper.

Our researchers have concluded that there have been ongoing dishonest practices by various institutions. We have been in contact with numerous people who have suffered due to this. In nearly all cases have been left in financial ruins. CCA works to investigate the circumstances regarding corrupt practices which hold parties to account for the misconduct.

To ensure transparency, justice and fair dealings, the group decided to define themselves. Thus the COUNTER CORRUPTION ANALYSTS were created.

The CCA Charter is investigate corrupt practice by financial institution and government. We are here to investigate any allegation corrupt or dishonest practises. We are not solicitors, but the research and information we provide could be relevant to your case. By creating a concrete media campaign we also bring your story to the public.

Should you find yourself in a similar situation requiring research into your dealings with financial institutions and government, contact us.

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